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The purpose for this web page is to provide the public with information on the level of fire safety on all Indiana University campuses throughout the entire state. This site is searchable by campus, building name and date of fire.

It is the intent of Indiana University to provide faculty, staff, students and visitors with a safe environment. A goal of the University's Fire Prevention program is to recognize hazardous conditions and take appropriate action before such conditions result in a fire emergency. This goal is accomplished by: conducting periodic fire safety inspection of all University buildings, increasing the fire safety awareness of employees and students by providing periodic training on basic fire safety and conducting evacuation drills.

Click on any of the menu items in the left column to navigate through the Fire Reporting Web site.

Higher Education Opportunity Act Reports

You may request a copy by 1) sending an email to Larry Stephens or 2) calling 812-855-0104. We will need your name, mailing address and which report(s) you want.

2017 Reports

IUB (Bloomington)    IUPUI (Indianapolis)    IUS (New Albany)    IUSB (South Bend)   

Fire Logs

screen shot

Simulated dorm room fire at less than 2 minutes after ignition.

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